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Spirit Guides are discarnate beings that have chosen to assist us on our path of spiritual enlightenment and unfoldment; their evolution to higher consciousness is bound with our own, thus we have responsibility for each other. The more aware we become of these loving spirits, the more aware we become of our own thoughts, words, and actions; we are reflections of their efforts and they of ours. Though we are separate and individual, we are bound to the truth of our spiritual oneness. How better to be evidence of our relationship with God, Spirit, and Man with love, courage, and upliftment? Guides are a highly evolved world intelligence who administers guidance, protection, assistance, psychic information, and hidden knowledge to an Earthling; this intelligence has lived many incarnations and is more evolved than the person he/she serves (though angels are an exception to this rule as, in general, they have not incarnated on earth). The Guide does not intercede unless called by the Earthling (though there are exceptions).

Angel playing with childrenGuides communicate with you through mediumship, which is a compatible sharing of time, energy, talent, and intellect between an earthling and an etheric world intelligence: the objective is to bring knowledge to the earth world that cannot be obtained through normal educational sources. A human body is used as a psychic instrument for etheric communication and matter manipulation to enrich mankind's education regarding the growth of the soul-mind; the desire and willingness of the etheric world intelligence and the earthling to work together is shared, regardless of difficulties and time, until here is the proper synchronization, both physically and mentally, for the relaying of matter that can be beneficial in some manner. Forms of mediumship can be mental or physical (see Tools of Mediumship for this type).

The ways that your Guide may choose to communicate with your through mental mediumship are through clair senses, a collective word meaning any one of the types of psychic sensitivity that correspond to the normal five senses: these are clairaudience (to perceive sounds or words when no person is speaking or no article is causing the disturbance; these sounds and impressions register on the spirillae of the pineal gland and go through the same process that normal hearing go through in the Third Eye area of the head), clairsavorance (clear tasting; experience tastes in the moth without putting anything in the mouth), clairscient (to smell a fragrance or odor of a substance which is not in one's surroundings and is symbolic information for oneself or another), clairsentience (to perceive information b a feeling within the whole body without any other stimuli related to this feeling or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area), and clairvoyance (to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes; to reach into another vibration frequency and visually perceive "within the head" something significant).

Angel carrying childKnowing the names of our guides is nice; it helps to establish them as "real people" in our minds. It is not, however, necessary; they will answer when you call. It is of great help to ask and thank verbally until solid rapport is established through your vibrations. When you call a guide in, frequently a guide will give the psychic a name that can be used to summon him/her; the guide may be either gender when manifesting. The guide will be from the Inner Band, a system of easy access to energy, protection, guidance, and knowledge. Each guide has a specific part to play, but the cooperation between the guides is such that any one of them can and may assume another's role. The group situation ranges from the strictly traditional everyone-does-his thing, to the one-guide-does-it-all situation. In general, there are 10-15 spirits around one individual, between the inner and outer bands, which are the spirits that spend only at time in which he or she can be of assistance. The guides from the outer band are drawn to one's vibration when their talent and knowledge will be of an aid to the earthling to enhance the earthling's new interest and needs. A Specialty guide would fall into this category; they are those with past experience in a certain field, for whom the medium would have to ask for specifically.


The Inner Band traditionally consists of a Doctor, Teacher, Alchemist, Healer, Protector, Runner, Message Bearer, Door Keeper, and Joy Guide, though it is possible to have more than one guide in each category.
TEACHER: in charge of the other guides which make up the Inner Band. His principle functions are to assist the earthling to accomplish the purpose of the incarnation and to bring inspirational information and guidance. He has access to the Akashic Records and may dole out karmic experiences, as the earthling needs and can understand them. He is your Master Teacher and Guide; will appear when you are ready.
DOCTOR: watches over one's physical and mental well-being; will work with one's chemist as needed.
HEALER: is in charge of one's spiritual well being and will work with one's Doctor and Chemist, so that the person is in balance in all areas. .
PROTECTOR: reputed to be 90% Native American (worked with Mother Earth in a previous life and is a source of great wisdom), will keep negative entities away from you and act like your Guardian Angel. He will often mentally warn you of danger before you experience the situation, but will not prevent you of purposely doing something that is not in your best interests. He will often keep you from unintentional bodily harm.
RUNNER: will take messages to others in the astral plane and will also assist the human in remembering what is needed at the time.
MESSAGE BEARER (SPIRITUAL MESSENGER): is higher than the Runner; will take and bring messages of grater importance and of a higher spiritual nature. He carries messages to other Message Bearers and returns; wanting to assists humans. He is constantly on the move; one has to form a bond of trust with him.
DOOR KEEPER (also known as the GATEKEEPER or CONTROLLER): only lets what spirits that are positive and beneficial into your vibration and keeps those that are negative out. As you grow, these are often replaced (have to give them a time frame to get working better with you before you have them leave). One will often hear their name loudly and clearly called from seemingly nowhere when this happens. It is his/her responsibility to allow only certain entities to enter the mind of the medium, regulates the amount of time with the medium, and oversees that only high qualitative information is presented. Acts under the guidance of the Master Teacher and contributes to keeping the medium cheerful.
ALCHEMIST: main function is to keep a chemical balance in the physical body; is capable of attaching to the pineal gland to help with one's psychic development and to add elements to the physical body for better physical health. He can also change he water one takes in before drinking. Try placing a glass of water beside your bed before going to sleep and ask you Alchemist to change it to what you need the following day. When you drink the water the next morning, often you will notice that the water tastes different to you.
JOY GUIDE: a highly intelligent etheric world intelligence whose function it is to bring gaiety to the human; guides his/her lifestyle to balance recreation and work. Manifesting as a very young person of either gender, he/she is very eager to serve when summoned.

Angel watching over childrenIMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER

ALWAYS remember to do your Protection Affirmation and CRC (see the Protection and CRC page to review) before any type of mediumship and meditational exercises. You may consider adding to other colors to the White Light for further protection from negativity and better clarity of messages. Also ask for protection for the person you are working with. Always ask for the Highest and the Best to come in and thank your Guides for working with you. Keep Ego out of it, as it is not you, but Spirit that is working through you. Excessive Ego can cause your guides to shut you off. Give the messages that you are given and keep yourself out of the message. Ask for clarification for vague messages and symbols that would make sense to you.


Ask for a reasonable message that can be verified within 7-10 days; if it doesn't work the first time, try again, rephrasing the request if necessary. Ask for messages for friends, reasonable favors, about the weather, and for assistance during trying times. Spirit will not do the work for you, but they can assist; all you need to do is to ask.

Take a walk with your guides. Arrange and set aside a time to mentally communicate with them while walking in a peaceful atmosphere, such as a park or in the woods, where you are not likely to be disturbed. You can also try a group exercise in which you can arrange a time when everyone is sleeping for a mental meeting; simply ask your guides to take you there right before you go to sleep. Later, compare notes with others in the group as to where everyone "went" to and what was discussed.
Below is a meditation in two parts to meet your Spirit Guides. You can put this on tape and work with it on your own, but I would recommend that you work with an experienced medium so that if you go deep into trance, he/she could bring you safely back. Again, don't forget to do your Protection and CRC before any meditation and/or type of mediumship.


Angels in flightSit quiet with your feet on the floor; direct your attention and consciousness to the area between your eyes. This is the area referred to, in metaphysical terms, as the Third Eye. It is the seat of our intuitive perception; it is the center that facilitates physical vision of the subtle realms of light. Envision this area as a glowing and brilliant crystalline light. As you inhale, see and feel this area warm and brighten with this light. Hold for a count of ten; exhale slowly. Do this again; exhale slowly. One more time; bring in the light, exhale slowly. Now, as you inhale, draw the light backward from the brow area, through the head; to the point of the crown, which is the area of the Crown Chakra. This Chakra awakens higher self-consciousness and union to the spirit realm. As you visualize this ball of light moving backward, also imagine a bridge of light, a Rainbow Bridge, being formed between the Brow and Crown Chakras.
See and feel it as warm and shimmering with energy. Hold the focus of the lighting the Crown area of a count of ten; exhale slowly. Repeat four times. Feel the warmth and energy fill your entire head. Now bring your consciousness to the form of that brilliant light down to the Throat area. See the Rainbow Bridge extending from the Crown center to the Throat. This is the Throat Chakra and widens with our creative will and the ability to draw from our past experiences. As you inhale, feel this center come alive with crystalline brilliance. Hold this breath for a count of ten, as with the other two centers, and then exhale slowly. Repeat this six more times. Imagine and feel the energy and light intensify with each breath. Now draw as much of this consciousness from the area of the throat to that of the heart. See this as another extension of the Rainbow Bridge. The area of the Heart begins to radiate with crystalline energy. Inhale and hold for a count of ten. As you hold your breath, feel the energy intensify and as you exhale, see and feel the link that has been formed with the other three energy centers. Exhale slowly and repeat two more times. You have now activated the higher centers of perception. You must now complete the circuit. Draw you consciousness and attention upward from the Heart, through the Throat, the Third Eye to the Crown, completing the Rainbow Bridge that connects all four centers. Feel it grow with new intensity and energy, having activated and aligned itself with the other three centers.
At this point, you may extend your perception to the area around you. Begin sensing and questioning. Extend your senses outward. Pay attention to any new and different sensations. Is there a feeling of a presence? Are there any particular colors, feelings, touches, or being experienced? Do you sense anything different? Don't force it. When you are ready, you are to keep this feeling with you; open your eyes and go on with the next step; there is no hurry.


Winter AngelYou can do this next part with your eyes open or closed; it is your choice. We are standing at the bottom of the stairs. If you see a handrail, you can use it. Now as we walk up the steps, keep up with me, please. We are going up steps one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. We are on the landing. There, in front of you, on the landing, is a white door with a big, gold handle. Take a hold of the handle and push the door open. Step through; this is your special room. Take a few moments as you step through; ask your Spirit Guide to come into your room and give you that fragrance, feeling, or color to identify him with. Or he could walk with you, beside you, or in front of them. Sit down and have a loving conversation, or you could continue to walk with him. You can also fix the room up, since this is your special room. Put in the objects that are special to you. You will have a few quiet moments to speak with your Guide; I will return in a few minutes, (pause)...It is time to say goodbye to your Spirit Guide and thank him for being there. Remember that this is your special room that you created; you can return there at any time that you need to. Thank Spirit for being there with you, but now it is time to go back to the White Door; as you walk through and reaching out, you close it. We are all standing on the ledge; walking down the stair, count them: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. No that you are back; once you feel more comfortable, you can open your eyes. Review what you have experienced during the meditation.






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